Everything started in the Taulumäki district in Jyväskylä, Finland. The brothers called Erkki, Reino, Veikko and Eino noticed the overall demand for wood processing blades in 1957 after the war. The great amount of knowledge and motivation formed a company named after the brothers: ER-VE. Cutting tools and maintenance services were provided for different woodwork shops and large factories, and soon circular saws and different related services were needed. It was time to grow.

New premises were built in the Savela district in Jyväskylä. It was the mid-60s, and these changes led the company into exports to Sweden and the Soviet Union. The volume of orders from the latter tested the brothers and the production, but the situation was handled with certainty.

The brothers sold the later named Rummakko to the Nokia corporation in 1980. Six years went by and working management bought Rummakko back, expanding the business to paper and pulp industry tools, and to equipment manufacturing.

The ownership changed later once more, but the motivation and know-how remained. That strong know-how widened later into machining services and tools for biotechnology.

Now, Rummakko has found its home from the modern premises in Palokangas, Jyväskylä. Today, there are 24 professionals working for the national and international needs under the same roof.

Watch a video of the relocation to the new premises. The premises were built by Keski-Suomen Yrityskiinteistöt Oy.

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