Rummakko Oy

Professional in cutting tools and machining

Rummakko Oy is one of the leading cutting tool manufacturers in Finland, and an expert for paper- and sawmill industries globally. With our high-quality products and services, we offer the best possible partnership in the following industries:

Paper-, pulp- and cardboard industry | Sawmills | Carpentry | Planing mills | Recycling | Biotechnology 

Saw blades and industrial knives for the wood industry

We provide high-quality saw blades and industrial knives for the wood industry.

Knives and blades for the paper industry

We produce high-quality cutting tools for the paper and pulp industries.

Machining services

Our professionals and versatile equipment enable high-quality machining services and finished products.


We provide demanding weld overlay cladding and coating works and in addition, welded assemblies.

Equipment manufacturing

We manufacture different types of assemblies, such as industrial punch tools, cutters, and industrial crushers.

Sharpening and service

We sharpen and service different types of blades and knives rapidly and accurately.